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Bouncy Basketball


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Are you ready for some bouncy, pixelated basketball fun? Look no further than Bouncy Basketball! This one-button, 2D physics-based game will have you hooked from the moment you start playing.

How to Play

In Bouncy Basketball, you control a player who bounces around the court, aiming to score baskets. Use the spacebar or the D key to jump, and when you’re in the air, release the key to shoot the ball. Want to move around the court? No problem! Just use the arrow keys to navigate.

Aim for Victory

The goal of the game is simple: outscore your opponent. You earn points by making baskets, with the closer shots and epic dunks racking up even more points. Whether you’re playing against a CPU opponent or challenging a friend to a two-player match, victory is within your reach.

Pro Tips

Want to take your skills to the next level? Here are some insider tips to dominate the court in Bouncy Basketball:

  • Jump high when shooting: Press the spacebar or D key with all your might to jump as high as possible before releasing and shooting the ball. This will give you a distinct advantage in scoring.

  • Aim for the sweet spot: When taking your shot, aim for the center of the hoop. Your chances of making the basket increase significantly when your aim is true.

  • Master the court: Use the arrow keys to maneuver your player strategically. By avoiding your opponent’s blocks and finding open spots, you’ll have a better chance of scoring.

  • Go for the dunk: Don’t hold back when it comes to dunking the ball. Not only does it score you points, but it also demoralizes your opponent. Show off your skills and leave them in awe.

  • Enjoy the game: Whether you’re playing solo or challenging friends, Bouncy Basketball is all about having a blast. Soak in the pixelated graphics and let the adrenaline rush fuel your passion for the game.


To make the most of your Bouncy Basketball experience, familiarize yourself with the controls:

  • Jump: Press the spacebar or D key.
  • Shoot: Release the spacebar or D key.
  • Move: Utilize the arrow keys to navigate the court.

Ready to take on the challenging world of Bouncy Basketball? Gather your friends or go solo, and let the bouncy madness begin!

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